Y Shaped hose vacuum therapy


With pressure regulation valve

The "Y-shaped" hose by Skin Dermotherapies is used to connect two cups to the vacuum therapy machine. This hose has a "Y" shape with one main inlet and two outlets. The main function of the "Y-shaped" hose is to allow the simultaneous connection of two cups (whether they are breast cups or buttock enhancement cups) to the vacuum therapy machine, enabling the treatment of two body areas simultaneously.

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Imagen usos Y-SHAPED HOSE

Method of use

The "Y" connection hose features a pressure regulation valve in order to control and adjust the suction or vacuum flow in each of the hose outlets. Its main function is to allow the professional to adjust the suction intensity in each of the cups connected to the "Y" hose. The regulation valve consists of a knob that can be turned to increase or decrease the suction flow in each hose outlet. By adjusting the knob, the negative pressure generated by the vacuum therapy equipment is controlled, thereby controlling the suction intensity in each cup.

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