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The Skin Dermotherapies vacuum therapy machine is the best suction therapy machine, your ally to sculpt the bodies of your patients using massage with suction cups. You will be able to perform facial and body treatments, such as buttock and breast lifting and enhancement, cellulite reduction, and waist and abdomen measurements reduction. We are the most comprehensive option on the market!

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Facial and body treatments with our vacuum therapy machine.

Vacuum Therapy Machine for Buttocks


Buttock lifting and toning, improves appearance and firmness.

Shape your body and tone with Skin Dermotherapies


Shape your body, tone, and reduce measurements non-invasively.

Reduce cellulite and improves the appearance of the skin


Reduce cellulite and improves the appearance of the skin.

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    Frequently asked questions and searches

    Answers to your questions and searches: Everything you need to know about vacuum therapy, from how vacuum therapy works to what benefits it can offer to grow your business.

    how to use vacuum therapy machine for breast?

    how to use vacuum therapy machine for buttocks?

    To effectively use our vacuum therapy machine for buttocks enhancement, start by selecting the appropriate cup size that comfortably fits over the desired area. Ensure that the cups are clean and in good condition. Massage the legs, mobilizing adipose tissue towards the buttocks (you will learn how to do this in our training). Then, apply a small amount of lubricant around the edges of the cups to create a secure seal. Place the cups on the buttocks, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the desired treatment area. Turn on the machine and adjust the parameters as indicated to initiate the treatment. Follow the recommended duration for each session. It is crucial to adhere to the guidelines provided in the guidance and not exceed the recommended usage time to avoid potential side effects. Consistency in usage and adherence to proper techniques will contribute to achieving optimal results over time.


    Vacuum therapy machine price

    Our focus is not solely on the price and excellent quality of our products, but rather on the exceptional value they bring to you. Our vacuum therapy machine is designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. It offers a user-friendly experience, allowing you to effortlessly select the cup size that best suits your patients for targeted enhancement. We promote a holistic approach to beauty, providing you with a training component that will teach you effective massage techniques to ensure optimal results. We prioritize the well-being of both you and your patients by emphasizing recommended session durations and adhering to safety guidelines during treatments. Our purpose is to guide you through a seamless journey where your satisfaction and the achievement of desired results are our top priorities.

    Vacuum therapy before and after

    Experience remarkable transformations with our vacuum therapy before and after. The perfect combination of our specialized training sessions and advanced vacuum therapy machine delivers exceptional results. Our training sessions will instruct you in effective and safe techniques to maximize the potential of our machine, while before-and-after images showcase the notable changes achieved by those who have trusted in you. Discover how this powerful combination has transformed lives, offering confidence and well-being to those seeking to enhance their appearance. Make your patients’ journey from before to after extraordinary with our vacuum therapy and specialized training available for you!

    Vacuum therapy machine benefits

    The benefits of vacuum therapy are multifaceted and can significantly enhance various aspects of well-being. Firstly, it promotes improved blood circulation, which can contribute to healthier skin and tissues. Additionally, vacuum therapy is known for its effectiveness in reducing cellulite and promoting a more toned appearance. For those seeking natural enhancement of breasts or buttocks, the machine helps stimulate tissue growth and firmness. Beyond aesthetic aspects, vacuum therapy alleviates muscle tension, providing relief from discomfort and promoting relaxation. Its non-invasive nature and versatility make it a valuable tool for enhancing physical appearance and overall well-being.

    Best vacuum therapy machine

    Discover excellence with our vacuum therapy machine, where we not only stand out for the exceptional quality of our products but also for providing unparalleled support in your professional growth. Our machine is not only a leader in advanced technology and effective results, but we also offer ongoing commitment to the development of our clients. More than just suppliers, we are your allies on the path to success in the professional field. With us, you not only get the best vacuum therapy machine, but also a solid collaboration and constant support to achieve your goals and thrive in your career. Additionally, we provide training in the latest trends to ensure that you are always at the forefront of your professional practice. Trust us to elevate both your practice and your professional success.

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